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Use this tool to see what is on the deck above and the deck below your stateroom, cabin or suite on Golden Princess. You can even save results as a PDF. You can also use the ship menu above to jump to another page for Golden Princess.

Use this tool to see what is above and below your cabin (stateroom).


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Click on a cabin


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Golden Princess Deck Plan Image to appear here.

Why use this tool?

  • Best to have cabins above and below your cabin
  • Avoid cabins below buffet
  • Avoid cabins below galley areas
  • Avoid cabins above or below show lounge
  • Avoid cabins under fitness center
  • Avoid cabins above night club
  • Avoid cabins above casino
  • Avoid cabins under or above crew areas
  • Avoid cabins near multi-level atriums
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