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Princess cruise line ship fleet information. shows the different classes of ships in the Princess fleet. On this page you can also compare features and dining options for each Princess ship. You will find daily service charge information, size in tons and number of cabins for each ship. You can CLICK ON any ship to go to the ship page for that ship. Check out our unique stateroom capacity trend chart showing the changes in the size of the Princess cruise line ship fleet over the past few years. Check out our Master Ship List. You can filter and sort by cruise line or ship.

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About Princess Cruises

One of the best-known names in cruising, Princess Cruises first set sail in 1965 with a single ship cruising to Mexico. Today, the line has grown to become the third largest cruise line in the world, renowned for innovative ships, an array of onboard options, and an environment of exceptional customer service.

No matter where Princess ships sail, passengers enjoy warm and gracious service in an atmosphere of comfortable elegance. Princess crew members are dedicated to providing exceptional service to ensure guests can escape the everyday with an unforgettable vacation.

Public spaces on Princess ships are designed to feel intimate, even on the largest vessels, and feature contemporary decor, allowing passengers to enjoy themselves in an informal, relaxed onboard atmosphere that mirrors today's lifestyles.

Princess operates under the umbrella of Carnival Cruise Lines.

Princess Cruises Selling Points

Princess Cruise Line is best known from the Love Boat TV show. Princess offers excellent dining experience, outstanding shows, adult only outside lounge area. The ships are beautiful. You will find large outdoor movie screen and hot tubs. Check out the International Cafe for good coffee and food at any time during the day. If you have a balcony or suite, be sure to try the ultimate balcony dining option. Princess was also one of the first Cruise Lines to offer the Chef's Table dining experience.

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Stateroom Capacity Trend Chart

Watch growth and decline rates. Rapid growth may lead to quality and service issues.

The following is a listing of some of the features that Princess Cruises offers.

Ship Pools Hot Tubs Rock Wall Flow Rider Waterslide Waterpark Ropes Golf Movie Screen View Lounge
Caribbean Princess 4 7 -- -- -- -- -- Yes Yes Yes
Coral Princess 3 5 -- -- -- -- -- Yes Yes Yes
Crown Princess 4 7 -- -- -- -- -- Yes Yes Yes
Diamond Princess 5 8 -- -- -- -- -- Yes Yes Yes
Discovery Princess 4 7 -- -- -- -- -- Yes Yes --
Emerald Princess 4 7 -- -- -- -- -- Yes Yes Yes
Enchanted Princess 4 7 -- -- -- -- -- Yes Yes --
Grand Princess 4 8 -- -- -- -- -- Yes Yes --
Island Princess 3 5 -- -- -- -- -- Yes Yes --
Majestic Princess 4 6 -- -- -- -- -- Yes Yes Yes
Regal Princess 4 6 -- -- -- -- -- Yes Yes --
Royal Princess III 3 6 -- -- -- -- -- Yes Yes --
Ruby Princess 4 7 -- -- -- -- -- Yes Yes Yes
Sapphire Princess 5 8 -- -- -- -- -- Yes Yes Yes
Sky Princess 4 11 -- -- -- -- -- Yes Yes --
Star Princess 5 11 -- -- -- -- Yes -- Yes --
Sun Princess 5 11 -- -- -- -- Yes -- Yes --
Ship Pools Hot Tubs Rock Wall Flow Rider Waterslide Waterpark Ropes Golf Movie Screen View Lounge
The following is a listing of some of the special dining options that Norwegian Cruise Line offers. Mouse over or use the key below the table to identify the restaurant name.

Ship Alfredo Catch Crown Harmony Cafe Sushi Sabat Sterli
Caribbean Princess----------
Coral Princess------------
Crown Princess----------
Diamond Princess----------
Discovery Princess--------
Emerald Princess----------
Enchanted Princess--------
Grand Princess--------
Island Princess--------------
Majestic Princess------
Regal Princess--------
Royal Princess III--------
Ruby Princess----------
Sapphire Princess--------
Sky Princess------
Star Princess----------
Sun Princess----
Ship Alfredo Catch Crown Harmony Cafe Sushi Sabat Sterli
Alfredo Alfredos Pizzeria
Alfredo's is gourmet pizza. The venue is named after Princess Cruises' master chef Alfredo Marzi. They are Neapolitan style, thin crust, and hand-stretched. They are authentic Italian-style pizza. The pizzas are also freshly baked to order. There is no charge for this venue.

Catch Catch by Rudi
Fresh Seafood from local ports dishes along with vegetarian and signature beef classics presented with the creativity of Chef Rudi. Wines are hand-picked to pair with dishes. Dinner starts with a special cocktail created by mixologist Rob Floyd. Price per person: 39.00

Crown Crown Grill
The Crown Grill features premium beef and seafood items, plus upscale appetizers and special desserts. This unique concept offers a showplace eatery with an open, theater-style kitchen where chefs custom-prepare steamed shellfish such as lobster, scallops, clams and mussels and cooked-to-order steaks and chops. Price per person: 35.00

Harmony Harmony Chinese Restaurant
Features haute Chinese cuisine, Chen's interpretation of classic Cantonese dishes, paired with ocean views and modern decor.

Cafe International Cafe
Open 24-hours a day, the International Cafe located in the Piazza is the place for an ever-changing array of small bite meals, treats and gourmet beverages. Grab a freshly baked croissant to start your day, snack on pies and quiche or choose from a wide variety of salads and sandwiches at lunchtime, and indulge in decadent desserts in the evening. Coffee and tea fans will love the New Grounds Crafted Coffee menu featuring a variety of specialty espresso-based drinks made from a custom blend of coffee beans, as well as iced tea fusions.

Sushi Kai Sushi
Kai Sushi is a traditional sushi bar, serving up fresh sushi, seafood and other delectable Japanese cuisine Kai Sushi is open for dinner. There is a charge for menu items.

Sabat Sabatinis
A refined yet casual dining establishment rich in atmosphere, show casing an Italian and Mediterranean menu with a heavy emphasis on premium seafood. Sabatinis is open for dinner. Price per person: 35.00

Sterli Sterling Steakhouse
The Sterling Steakhouse showcases prime cuts of Sterling Silver beef offered to passengers on a silver presentation tray. Passengers are seated in an open air dining venue or in a designated indoor location complete with special table settings, decorative linens, signature cutlery and table lanterns. Price per person: 35.00

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