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Oceania cruise line ship fleet information. Cruisedeckplans.com shows the different classes of ships in the Oceania fleet. On this page you can also compare features and dining options for each Oceania ship. You will find daily service charge information, size in tons and number of cabins for each ship. You can CLICK ON any ship to go to the ship page for that ship. Check out our unique stateroom capacity trend chart showing the changes in the size of the Oceania cruise line ship fleet over the past few years. Check out our Master Ship List. You can filter and sort by cruise line or ship.

CLICK on a ship below to go to the ship decks and cabins page. Oceania Cruises has 8 ships in the fleet. You can filter the Oceania fleet by ship class using the box below. Typically Oceania Cruises will build or buy several ships sharing similar features. They define the different types of ships as classes. Ships of the same class may be almost identical to each other.

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About Oceania Cruises

To contact Oceania Cruises direct call toll free 866-910-0009.

Extraordinary ships where an expertly trained European staff will cater to your every whim. You'll savor the finest cuisine at sea and sail to the most intriguing ports of call. You'll revel in the most stimulating enrichment programs and marvel at the world-class entertainment. This is Oceania Cruises.

Oceania Cruises appeals to discerning, sophisticated travelers in search of world-class cuisine, unparalleled personal service, and an enriching, in-depth, destination-oriented experience.

Oceania is now under the umbrella of Norwegian Cruise Line.

Oceania Cruises Selling Points

Oceania focuses on providing one of the best Adult experiences at Sea. The ships are mid-sized and filled with amenities. The dining is casual with open-seating. If you are looking for a relaxing, pampered cruise experience then Oceania is a great choice.

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Stateroom Capacity Trend Chart

Watch growth and decline rates. Rapid growth may lead to quality and service issues.

The following is a listing of some of the features that Oceania Cruises offers.

Ship Pools Hot Tubs Rock Wall Flow Rider Waterslide Waterpark Ropes Golf Movie Screen View Lounge
Insignia 1 3 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Nautica 1 3 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes
Oceania Allura 2 3 -- -- -- -- -- Yes -- Yes
Oceania Marina 1 3 -- -- -- -- -- Yes -- Yes
Oceania Riviera 1 3 -- -- -- -- -- Yes -- Yes
Oceania Vista 2 3 -- -- -- -- -- Yes -- Yes
Regatta 1 3 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes
Sirena 1 3 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes
Ship Pools Hot Tubs Rock Wall Flow Rider Waterslide Waterpark Ropes Golf Movie Screen View Lounge
The following is a listing of some of the special dining options that Norwegian Cruise Line offers. Mouse over or use the key below the table to identify the restaurant name.

Ship Jacqu Polo RedGi Tosca Waves
Oceania Allura--
Oceania Marina
Oceania Riviera
Oceania Vista--
Ship Jacqu Polo RedGi Tosca Waves
Jacqu Jacques
Luscious aromas waft from the gleaming glass and brass show rotisserie in the room\'s heart, where duck, pork, chicken and veal roasts slowly turn, sealing in their succulent flavors. Handsomely decorated with rich fabrics, heirloom antiques, pickled wood furnishings and art from Jacques\' personal collection, it resembles a classic Parisian bistro.

Polo Polo Grill
Polo Grill is simply timeless; a traditional intimate setting that personifies a classic steakhouse, courtesy of its crisp, white linen tablecloths, dark-wood furnishings upholstered in richly textured fabrics, and supple burgundy leather chairs. Each course is a consummate expression of time-honored favorites.

RedGi Red Ginger
To complement the stunning interior, Red Ginger\'s chefs have created a striking menu, noted for its contemporary interpretations of Asian classics.

Tosca Toscana
Beautiful scenes of the fertile Tuscan countryside adorn Toscana, an artistic expression of the authentic dining experience awaiting guests. Simple yet keenly balanced, Tuscan cuisine evolved from rich family traditions, epitomized within Toscana, where many of our recipes originated with the grandmothers and mothers of our own Italian culinary staff.

Waves Waves Grill
Being open-air and just steps from the swimming pool, Waves Grill welcomes casual diners. Its laid-back ambiance invites guests to come directly from lounging in the sun, or for a quick meal between shore excursions.

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