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Listing of MSC Magnifica Balcony Suite stateroom and cabins that we have ACTUAL pictures and/or videos of. features links to actual stateroom and cabin pictures and videos.

MSC Magnifica Balcony Suite Cabins

The following is a listing of all the cabins we have pictures or videos for on this ship and also on the sister ships. The cabins on sister ships are usually similar but that is not always the case.

Click on any cabin number link to view pictures and/or videos. Youtube column will say "YouTube" if there is a video for that cabin. You can filter the results using the search box. You can also sort by column headings.

Cabin Ship YouTube
9059 MSC Magnifica
12047 MSC Magnifica
14004 MSC Magnifica Youtube
14005 MSC Magnifica Youtube
14006 MSC Magnifica Youtube
14009 MSC Magnifica Youtube
14010 MSC Magnifica
14015 MSC Magnifica Youtube
14030 MSC Magnifica
15001 MSC Orchestra
15002 MSC Orchestra
15002 MSC Musica Youtube
15007 MSC Musica
15010 MSC Musica Youtube
15011 MSC Poesia
15013 MSC Magnifica Youtube
15016 MSC Musica Youtube
15016 MSC Magnifica Youtube
15016 MSC Orchestra Youtube
15018 MSC Poesia
15018 MSC Orchestra Youtube
15019 MSC Magnifica Youtube
15020 MSC Orchestra Youtube
15021 MSC Magnifica Youtube
15021 MSC Poesia
15021 MSC Orchestra Youtube
15022 MSC Orchestra

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