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About MSC Cruises

MSC Italian Cruises uniquely blends maritime traditions, culture and famous Mediterranean cuisine to deliver the ultimate cruise experience while displaying a real commitment to the finest hospitality afloat. In essence, MSC Italian Cruises has made true Italian service the heart of its business and its key point of differentiation in the cruise industry.

MSC Cruises is a privately-owned and family-run company. From a fleet of three classic vessels in 2003, we have grown into a truly global cruise line. The Mediterranean heritage that is MSC Cruises is evident in the construction philosophy and elegant design of each of the ships in our contemporary fleet, reflecting the highest standards of quality. Our meticulously maintained classic vessel is perfect for those fond of the cruise ships of yesteryear, reflecting our Mediterranean heritage in a more intimate setting. Regardless of which MSC Cruise ship you sail, you will experience a level of service and attention that is unparalleled.

MSC Cruises Selling Points

MSC is a rapidly growing line that is geared towards families. The ships are well designed and loaded with activities for everyone. MSC offers the Yacht Club experience, with many perks, for those who want to travel in luxury. MSC has adopted a simple cabin classification system that makes it easier to decide what category to book.

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Stateroom Capacity Trend Chart

Watch growth and decline rates. Rapid growth may lead to quality and service issues.

The following is a listing of some of the features that MSC Cruises offers.

Ship Pools Hot Tubs Rock Wall Flow Rider Waterslide Waterpark Ropes Golf Movie Screen View Lounge
MSC Armonia 3 2 -- -- -- -- -- Yes -- --
MSC Bellissima 5 10 -- -- Yes Yes Yes -- Yes --
MSC Divina 5 12 -- -- Yes -- -- -- -- Yes
MSC Euribia 5 9 -- -- Yes Yes Yes -- Yes Yes
MSC Fantasia 5 12 -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes Yes
MSC Grandiosa 5 9 -- -- Yes Yes Yes -- Yes Yes
MSC Lirica 2 2 -- -- -- -- -- Yes -- --
MSC Magnifica 2 4 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
MSC Meraviglia 5 10 -- -- Yes Yes Yes -- Yes --
MSC Musica 2 4 -- -- -- -- -- Yes Yes --
MSC Opera 2 2 -- -- -- -- -- Yes -- --
MSC Orchestra 2 4 -- -- -- -- -- Yes -- --
MSC Poesia 3 4 -- -- -- -- -- Yes Yes --
MSC Preziosa 5 12 -- -- Yes -- -- -- Yes Yes
MSC Seascape 4 8 -- -- Yes Yes Yes -- Yes --
MSC Seashore 4 8 -- -- Yes Yes Yes -- Yes --
MSC Seaside 4 8 -- -- Yes Yes Yes -- Yes --
MSC Seaview 4 8 -- -- Yes Yes Yes -- Yes --
MSC Sinfonia 2 2 -- -- -- -- -- Yes -- --
MSC Splendida 5 12 -- -- Yes -- -- -- Yes Yes
MSC Virtuosa 5 9 -- -- Yes Yes Yes -- Yes Yes
MSC World America 5 10 -- -- Yes -- -- -- Yes --
MSC World Europa 5 10 -- -- Yes -- -- -- Yes --
Ship Pools Hot Tubs Rock Wall Flow Rider Waterslide Waterpark Ropes Golf Movie Screen View Lounge
The following is a listing of some of the special dining options that Norwegian Cruise Line offers. Mouse over or use the key below the table to identify the restaurant name.

Ship Asian Bistrot Butchers Galaxy Sushi Teppan Ocean
MSC Armonia--------------
MSC Bellissima--------
MSC Divina--------------
MSC Euribia--------
MSC Fantasia--------------
MSC Grandiosa------
MSC Lirica--------------
MSC Magnifica--------------
MSC Meraviglia------
MSC Musica------------
MSC Opera--------------
MSC Orchestra--------------
MSC Poesia------------
MSC Preziosa------------
MSC Seascape------
MSC Seashore------
MSC Seaside--------
MSC Seaview--------
MSC Sinfonia--------------
MSC Splendida------------
MSC Virtuosa--------
MSC World America--------
MSC World Europa--------
Ship Asian Bistrot Butchers Galaxy Sushi Teppan Ocean
Asian Asian Market Kitchen
Includes 32 seat Pan Asian Restaurant, 42 seat Sushi bar, and 32 seat Teppanyaki restaurant. All inspired by Roy Yamaguchi.

Bistrot Bistrot
French Bistro serving high-quality cuisine including snacks from cheese to charcuterie to escargots and foie gras. Features ribeye steak fries & blue cheese sauce. Also serves a Parisian-style breakfast.

Butchers Butchers Cut
The American-style steakhouse serves select prime cuts from around the world, accompanied by bold New World wines and cocktails with swagger.

Galaxy Galaxy Lounge
The Galaxy Lounge is a dining venue and a disco. The lounge serves both brunch and a special Mediterranean fusion cuisine from an a la carte menu in the evening. Since Galaxy is located on deck 16, it also features great views.

Sushi Kaito Sushi Bar
Sushi is all prepared by hand by our experienced master chefs in an authentic Japanese minimalist restaurant setting, providing a genuine taste of Japanese cold and hot dishes, including sushi, sashimi, tempura etc.

Teppan Kaito Teppanyaki
Four cooking stations featuring chefs that cook on open grill.

Ocean Ocean Cay Restaurant
Seafood dishes made with the fresh ingredients. Seats 36 people.

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