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This page shows actual pictures for Carnival Luminosa Lido Marketplace. Most of our pictures are contributed by actual cruisers. You will find that all the Carnival Luminosa Lido Marketplace pictures on this page also posted directly onto our deck plans near the actual location the photo was taken. You can browse the pictures here or you can click on them as you are viewing the Carnival Luminosa deck plans. For deck plan viewing click on the ship button above or scroll down to view the pictures on this page.

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Lido Marketplace
Self-Service Casual Lido Restaurant. Hours: open for breakfast / lunch / dinner / late night snacks. Available 24 Hours: coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate, lemonade and unsweetened iced tea.

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Lido Marketplace pictures

Click on the Carnival Luminosa Lido Marketplace pictures below for larger image and slide show. As you are viewing the slideshow the date the picture was uploaded to our website will be displayed on the top menu bar. Keep in mind that Carnival Luminosa will typically update all its venues with new carpeting and decor every three to five years. We would like to thank the contributors shown for uploading these Lido Marketplace pictures to our website. You can upload your photos HERE. We pay 25 cents each for any photos we use.

Carnival Luminosa Lido Marketplace picture

Lido Marketplace Location

Carnival Luminosa Lido Marketplace is located on Deck 9 (deck). We have provided the deck plan image for your reference.

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