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Oceania Marina Cabin Check Tool


See what is on the deck above and below your cabin.
How to use our cabin check tool
Select a deck below
Click on a cabin
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Cabin Check Tool

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Why use this tool?

You entire cruise experience can be made better or worse depending on the location of the cabin you choose. What is on the deck above or below your cabin can impact your cruise.

  • Best to have cabins above and below your cabin
  • Avoid cabins below buffet
  • Avoid cabins below galley areas
  • Avoid cabins above or below show lounge
  • Avoid cabins under fitness center
  • Avoid cabins above night club
  • Avoid cabins above casino
  • Avoid cabins under or above crew areas
  • Avoid cabins near multi-level atriums

Note. Many cruise ship decks do not show all the details for areas on parts of the deck. They may just gray out the area. Unless you know what that gray area is, it is best to avoid gray areas.

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