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MAS cruise line ship fleet information. shows the different classes of ships in the MAS fleet. On this page you can also compare features and dining options for each MAS ship. You will find daily service charge information, number of cabins, and gross tons for each ship.

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CLICK on a ship below to go to the ship decks and cabins page. Margaritaville At Sea has 2 ships in the fleet. You can filter the MAS fleet by ship class using the box below. Typically Margaritaville At Sea will build or buy several ships sharing similar features. They define the different types of ships as classes. Ships of the same class may be almost identical to each other.

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About Margaritaville At Sea

Margaritaville at Sea is your new off-shore resort experience, sailing from Palm Beach and Tampa to Grand Bahama Island, Mexico and Key West. On this floating island vacation, you can unwind, enjoy the endless activities and entertainment, or just relax and soak up the sun.

Stateroom Capacity Trend Chart

Watch growth and decline rates. Rapid growth may lead to quality and service issues.

Margaritaville At Sea Ship Features

The following is a listing of some of the features that Margaritaville At Sea offers. You can use the search box to filter the ships. You can also click on the columns to sort the table.

Ship Pools Hot Tubs Rock Wall Flow Rider Waterslide Waterpark Ropes Golf Movie Screen View Lounge
MAS Islander 3 3 -- -- Slides -- -- Golf Movies --
MAS Paradise 2 2 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- OV

Margaritaville At Sea Specialty Dining

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