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Costa Luminosa Class Oceanview Cabin Walk Thru

This is a quick walk thru of Oceanview staterooms for the Costa cruise ship Luminosa class. Class names such as Luminosa class defines similar ships within the Costa fleet. Scroll down to view photos and descriptions for the Oceanview category.

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This is the layout of a typical ocean view cabin.
Costa Luminosa 4344
Costa Luminosa - 4344 -

This is a view in the opposite direction. Notice that in this picture the couch has been made into a twin size bed. There is also a pullman above the couch. This is a bed that pulls down from the ceiling when needed.
Costa Deliziosa 1315
Costa Deliziosa - 1315 -

This is a view from the cabin door of a typical ocean view cabin. The bath is behind the door to the right. The closet is on the left.
Costa Luminosa  Melinda de Boer
Costa Luminosa - - Melinda de Boer

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