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Volendam Cabin 1964 Pictures

Volendam Stateroom Cabin 1964 Pictures

Note: Cabin 1964 has been modified for the handicap -

Volendam Oceanview Stateroom Statistics

Number of cabins
Sleeps up to
Cabin Square Footage
197 sqft
(19 m2)
More stateroom size info: Category has two portholes. Category HH is fully obstructed. Category H is partially obstructed. Cabins on deck 3 have windows looking out onto promenade deck and people walking by can view into the cabin when lights are on in cabin. Category CA were oceanview converted to Lanai Staterooms in December 2014. Category CA has a sliding glass door that leads out to promenade deck.

In November 2017 these oceanview staterooms were updated to a shower-only configuration: Lower Promenade Deck: E3327 - E3392, EE3319 - EE3391, EE3394, EE3405 - EE3414, H3302 - H3428, and HH3300 - HH3426. Main Deck: DA2538 - DA2677, DD2674 - DD2707, E2520 - E2537, E2704, E2709, G2501, and G2508 - G2711. Dolphin Deck: E1830 - E1928, EE1816 - EE1958, F1822 - F1950, FF1951, FF1953, FF1960, FF1962, and G1808 - G1815.

These are features found in the Oceanview category on the Volendam

Floor Plan Layouts

These are the typical floor plans for Oceanview Staterooms. Actual room layout and decor might be different. (CLICK ON IMAGE TO ZOOM)
Standard Layout
Modified Handicap cabin 2702
Modified Handicap cabin 2500

Volendam Cabin 1964 Location

Location of cabin 1964 is found on Dolphin deck.

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