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Carnival Liberty Stateroom 1001

Carnival Liberty Stateroom Cabin 1001 Video

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Note: Cabin 1001 has been modified for the handicap

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Interior with Picture Window Stateroom Picture Interior with Picture Window Stateroom Picture

Location of cabin 1001
Found on Panorama deck.

See Stateroom Video in top section of page
Number of cabins
Sleeps up to
Cabin Square Footage
170 sqft
(16 m2)
More stateroom size info: Cabin window looks out onto outside walkway.

These are features found in the Interior with Picture Window category on the Carnival Liberty

These are the typical floor plans for Interior with Picture Window Staterooms.
Similar to cabin 7201
Similar to cabin 1001
Similar to cabin 1004
Similar to cabin 9203

Actual room layout and decor might be different than shown.


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