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The cruise line seperates the different categories (Inside, Oceanview, Balcony) into subcategories. The only difference in the subcategories is usually location on the ship. The detail above shows subcategory color, category name, and subcategory name. For detailed information, mouse over a cabin on the deck plans and a pop up window will appear. You will find diagrams, pictures and information about that cabin category including square footage and features.

The following is a listing of all the cabins we have pictures or videos for on this deck for this ship and also on the sister ships. Click on any highlighted link to view pictures and/or videos (youtube for this cabin = video available). Links for cabins pictures are a membership feature and are limited on the public site

Cabin: D105 Ship: Ventura youtube for this cabin
Cabin: D105 Ship: Azura youtube for this cabin
Cabin: D106 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D109 Ship: Ventura youtube for this cabin
Cabin: D110 Ship: Ventura youtube for this cabin
Cabin: D114 Ship: Ventura youtube for this cabin
Cabin: D120 Ship: Ventura
Cabin: D203 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D207 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D208 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D209 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D211 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D214 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D216 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D217 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D218 Ship: Ventura
Cabin: D220 Ship: Ventura youtube for this cabin
Cabin: D220 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D222 Ship: Ventura
Cabin: D222 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D232 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D301 Ship: Ventura
Cabin: D302 Ship: Ventura
Cabin: D304 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D304 Ship: Ventura
Cabin: D308 Ship: Ventura
Cabin: D310 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D310 Ship: Ventura
Cabin: D316 Ship: Azura youtube for this cabin
Cabin: D319 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D320 Ship: Ventura youtube for this cabin
Cabin: D323 Ship: Ventura youtube for this cabin
Cabin: D328 Ship: Ventura
Cabin: D329 Ship: Azura youtube for this cabin
Cabin: D330 Ship: Ventura
Cabin: D401 Ship: Ventura
Cabin: D406 Ship: Ventura youtube for this cabin
Cabin: D407 Ship: Ventura
Cabin: D409 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D410 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D414 Ship: Ventura
Cabin: D416 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D416 Ship: Ventura youtube for this cabin
Cabin: D417 Ship: Ventura
Cabin: D420 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D424 Ship: Ventura
Cabin: D510 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D517 Ship: Azura youtube for this cabin
Cabin: D519 Ship: Azura youtube for this cabin
Cabin: D526 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D527 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D530 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D604 Ship: Ventura youtube for this cabin
Cabin: D605 Ship: Ventura
Cabin: D614 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D615 Ship: Ventura youtube for this cabin
Cabin: D620 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D626 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D627 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D628 Ship: Ventura
Cabin: D629 Ship: Azura youtube for this cabin
Cabin: D630 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D703 Ship: Ventura
Cabin: D704 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D706 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D707 Ship: Azura youtube for this cabin
Cabin: D718 Ship: Azura youtube for this cabin
Cabin: D719 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D726 Ship: Ventura
Cabin: D727 Ship: Ventura youtube for this cabin
Cabin: D731 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D732 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D733 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D733 Ship: Ventura
Cabin: D734 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D734 Ship: Ventura
Cabin: D735 Ship: Ventura
Cabin: D736 Ship: Azura
Cabin: D736 Ship: Ventura
Cabin: D737 Ship: Azura youtube for this cabin
Cabin: D737 Ship: Ventura

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Handicap Cabins on this deck



 Cabin D304 Balcony --



 Cabin D308 Balcony --



 Cabin D703 Balcony --



 Cabin D707 Balcony --

All of our wheelchair accessible staterooms feature wide doorways into the stateroom and bathroom, as well as sufficient floor space for wheelchair manoeuvrability. All wheelchair accessible balcony staterooms feature ramped access to the balcony. The bathrooms in all accessible staterooms are wet room style shower rooms with a flush threshold into the stateroom and grab rails for shower and toilet.

Passengers bringing wheelchairs / scooters who wish to travel in a non-adapted stateroom may do so, but please be aware that your wheelchair / scooter must be collapsible and you must be able to negotiate the stateroom without it, as the stateroom doorway will be too narrow to allow it to pass through and the bathrooms have a raised threshold, preventing access. Passengers should ensure that where a stateroom contains a bath with shower they have sufficient mobility to climb into the bath to use the shower.

Any passengers requiring the use of a wheelchair, mobility scooter or walking aid must provide their own, as any wheelchairs kept on board the ship are for medical emergencies only. Please be aware that some of our ships are larger than others and you may need to walk relatively long distances on board. If this is likely to affect your overall enjoyment of your cruise you are advised to consider carefully the suitability of your chosen holiday.

For the safety of all our passengers, P&O Cruises operates size guidelines for all wheelchairs and mobility scooters where a standard (non-adapted) stateroom has been booked (These restrictions do not apply to passengers bringing a motorised wheelchair and booked in fully accessible cabins). For all bookings, non-collapsible wheelchairs and scooters must meet the following specifications: Width Weight Battery No more than 20 inches (51cm) No more than 45kg total, with no component piece to weigh more than 23kg when disassembled Gel or Dry Cell only

Passengers bringing manual wheelchairs or mobility scooters need to ensure these are collapsible, to allow them to pass through the stateroom door, if their open width exceeds the above measurements All wheelchairs, mobility scooters and walking aids must be stored in your stateroom when not in use, as they can not be allowed to obstruct corridors, emergency doors or stairwells. P&O Cruises will not be responsible for the storage of personal mobility equipment. Failure to store personal mobility equipment in staterooms may result in passengers being disembarked. Please be advised that the use of mobility scooters is prohibited in theatres on board. Allocated wheelchair spaces are for the use of full time wheelchair users and their companions only. The parking of unattended mobility scooters is prohibited in public areas and all walkways, including emergency evacuation routes, on board.
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Ventura Cruise Deck Plan Key
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= Adapted cabin

Double sofa bed symbol

= Double sofa bed

Fixed twin beds symbol

= Fixed twin beds

Interconnecting symbol

= Interconnecting

Overlooked from above symbol

= Overlooked from above

Partially shaded symbol

= Partially shaded

Single sofa bed symbol

= Single sofa bed

Steel fronted balcony symbol

= Steel fronted balcony

Two pullmans symbol

= Two pullmans

Upper pullman symbol

= Upper pullman

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