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Suite S3
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Interior IB
Interior IC
Interior IE
Interior IF

The cruise line seperates the different categories (Inside, Oceanview, Balcony) into subcategories. The only difference in the subcategories is usually location on the ship. The detail above shows subcategory color, category name, and subcategory name. For detailed information, mouse over a cabin on the deck plans and a pop up window will appear. You will find diagrams, pictures and information about that cabin category including square footage and features.

Princess uses the stateroom type and location for its category codes. The following letters are used for stateroom type: M=Mini Suite, D=Deluxe Balcony, B=Balcony, O=Oceanview, I=Interior. The location code is A to F for standard cabins with A being the most desirable location. 1 to 6 for premium cabins with 1 being the more desirable location. U to Z for obstructed staterooms with U being the more desirable location.

As an example MA stands for a Mini Suite (M=Mini Suite) in a prime location (A=Most desired location - midship, quiet location).

The following is a listing of all the cabins we have pictures or videos for on this deck for this ship and also on the sister ships. Click on any highlighted link to view pictures and/or videos (youtube for this cabin = video available). Links for cabins pictures are a membership feature and are limited on the public site

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Here are some tips that you should keep in mind when looking for cabins on this deck. There may be other issues that we haven't noted, and if you are aware of any issues we have not listed, please contact us and let us know so that we can add it to the list.

Deck: 15 - Marina
* Balconies on this ship tend to be narrow. If you are interested in larger balconies consider those located midship where the shape of the balcony varies. However, some of the these balconies on the starboard side of the ship can be partly viewed by the seawalk on the deck above
* All cabins on the port side and starboard side of the ship will have their view obstructed (by deck, lifeboat, ship structures, or cabin balconies) when looking straight down from the balcony.
* Due to fail in design of the ship, there are no central staircases for passengers. Cabins located around the midship elevators may find those elevators busy and therefore difficult to get to other floors.
* Aft facing balconies are open to view from deck above and vary in size. The largest aft facing balconies are on Marina, Riviera,and Dolphin decks. The smallest aft facing balconies are on Aloha and Caribe decks. Baja and Dolphin aft balconies are partially covered.
* There is a overhang from the deck above that will cause the balconies of M303 to M703 on the starboard side and M304 to M704 on the port side to not receive as much sun. This overhang is much larger for cabins M404 to M428 which are under the SeaView Bar.
* Balconies of cabins that are facing forward (M101 to M108) are metal hull up to the railing. This provides protection from wind, but during extreme windy days at sea these balconies might not be usable.
* There is a self service laundry room on this deck. It is best to avoid the cabins directly near this room as there tends to be traffic and noise related to the use of the laundry room.
* Cabins that face the aft of the ship have had reports of soot issues. Soot can be a issue depending on wind and weather.

Handicap Cabins on this deck



 Cabin M110 Balcony

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Sky Princess Cruise Deck Plan Key
# Deck Symbols
Balcony door blocked by upper symbol Balcony door blocked by upper
Balcony door blocked w upper symbol Balcony door blocked w upper
Connecting staterooms symbol Connecting staterooms
Interconnecting staterooms symbol Interconnecting staterooms
Third and fourth Pullman beds  symbol Third and fourth Pullman beds
Third Pullman bed available symbol Third Pullman bed available
Two lower beds not convertible symbol Two lower beds not convertible
Wheelchair accessible symbol Wheelchair accessible
ship compass

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