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Suite S2
Mini-Suite Balcony M1
Mini-Suite Balcony M4
Mini-Suite Balcony MB
Mini-Suite Balcony ME
Balcony BA
Balcony BB
Balcony BD
Balcony BE
Balcony BX
Oceanview O5
Interior IA
Interior IB
Interior ID
Interior IE

The cruise line seperates the different categories (Inside, Oceanview, Balcony) into subcategories. The only difference in the subcategories is usually location on the ship. The detail above shows subcategory color, category name, and subcategory name. For detailed information, mouse over a cabin on the deck plans and a pop up window will appear. You will find diagrams, pictures and information about that cabin category including square footage and features.

Princess uses the stateroom type and location for its category codes. The following letters are used for stateroom type: M=Mini Suite, D=Deluxe Balcony, B=Balcony, O=Oceanview, I=Interior. The location code is A to F for standard cabins with A being the most desirable location. 1 to 6 for premium cabins with 1 being the more desirable location. U to Z for obstructed staterooms with U being the more desirable location.

As an example MA stands for a Mini Suite (M=Mini Suite) in a prime location (A=Most desired location - midship, quiet location).

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Baja Forward Deck

Forward observation deck on the Baja deck.

Baja Forward Deck picture

Baja Forward Deck picture

Baja Forward Deck picture

Baja Forward Deck picture

Baja Forward Deck picture

The following is a listing of all the cabins we have pictures or videos for on this deck for this ship and also on the sister ships. Click on any highlighted link to view pictures and/or videos (youtube for this cabin = video available). Links for cabins pictures are a membership feature and are limited on the public site

Cabin: B204 Ship: Sun Princess
Cabin: B209 Ship: Sea Princess
Cabin: B212 Ship: Dawn Princess
Cabin: B218 Ship: Dawn Princess
Cabin: B219 Ship: Sea Princess
Cabin: B220 Ship: Sea Princess
Cabin: B302 Ship: Sea Princess
Cabin: B304 Ship: Sea Princess
Cabin: B305 Ship: Sea Princess youtube for this cabin
Cabin: B307 Ship: Sea Princess
Cabin: B318 Ship: Sun Princess
Cabin: B327 Ship: Dawn Princess
Cabin: B333 Ship: Sun Princess youtube for this cabin
Cabin: B333 Ship: Sea Princess
Cabin: B335 Ship: Dawn Princess
Cabin: B402 Ship: Sun Princess
Cabin: B402 Ship: Sea Princess youtube for this cabin
Cabin: B403 Ship: Sea Princess
Cabin: B404 Ship: Sun Princess
Cabin: B405 Ship: Sea Princess
Cabin: B409 Ship: Dawn Princess
Cabin: B410 Ship: Sun Princess
Cabin: B410 Ship: Dawn Princess
Cabin: B412 Ship: Sun Princess youtube for this cabin
Cabin: B417 Ship: Dawn Princess
Cabin: B417 Ship: Sea Princess
Cabin: B418 Ship: Sun Princess
Cabin: B429 Ship: Dawn Princess
Cabin: B501 Ship: Dawn Princess
Cabin: B510 Ship: Sea Princess
Cabin: B512 Ship: Sea Princess
Cabin: B518 Ship: Sea Princess
Cabin: B523 Ship: Sea Princess
Cabin: B545 Ship: Sea Princess
Cabin: B611 Ship: Sea Princess
Cabin: B621 Ship: Dawn Princess
Cabin: B627 Ship: Dawn Princess
Cabin: B631 Ship: Sun Princess
Cabin: B633 Ship: Sea Princess
Cabin: B634 Ship: Dawn Princess
Cabin: B703 Ship: Sun Princess
Cabin: B720 Ship: Sea Princess
Cabin: B724 Ship: Dawn Princess
Cabin: B725 Ship: Sun Princess
Cabin: B737 Ship: Sea Princess
Cabin: B747 Ship: Dawn Princess
Cabin: B748 Ship: Sun Princess
Cabin: B750 Ship: Sun Princess
Cabin: B750 Ship: Sea Princess
Cabin: B753 Ship: Sun Princess
Cabin: B753 Ship: Sea Princess
Cabin: B755 Ship: Sun Princess youtube for this cabin
Cabin: B755 Ship: Dawn Princess
Cabin: B755 Ship: Sea Princess

Click links below to view cabin categories details.

Handicap Cabins on this deck



 Cabin B305 Interior --



 Cabin B306 Interior --



 Cabin B311 Interior --



 Cabin B312 Interior --



 Cabin B335 Mini-Suite Balcony --

Designed for wheelchair maneuverability, with widened doorways into both the cabin and its bathroom; wheel-in showers, hand-held showerheads and bath distress alarms; as well as lowered closet railings, sinks, and handrails; and removed or revamped thresholds. Additional equipment is also available on request, such as toilet seat raisers, shower stools and bed boards. Elevators have generous 36- to 42-inch doorways, and wheelchair seating is available in show lounges and other public spaces.
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Sea Princess Cruise Deck Plan Key
Interconnecting staterooms symbol

= Interconnecting staterooms

Third and fourth Pullman beds  symbol

= Third and fourth Pullman beds

Third Pullman bed available symbol

= Third Pullman bed available

Two lower beds not convertible symbol

= Two lower beds not convertible

Wheelchair accessible symbol

= Wheelchair accessible

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