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These are the newest deck plans for Jewel of the Seas Deck 8 deck. Cruisedeckplans provides full interactive deck plans for the Jewel of the Seas Deck 8 deck. Just move your mouse over any stateroom and a pop up will appear with detail information, including a full description and floor layout, and a link to pictures and/or videos.

Grand Suite - 2 Bedroom


Spacious Balcony







Ultra Spacious Oceanview







The following is a listing of all the cabins we have pictures or videos for on this deck for this ship and also on the sister ships. Click on any highlighted link to view pictures and/or videos (youtube for this cabin = video available). Links for cabins pictures are a membership feature and are limited on the public site

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Here are some tips that you should keep in mind when looking for cabins on this deck. There may be other issues that we haven't noted, and if you are aware of any issues we have not listed, please contact us and let us know so that we can add it to the list.

Deck: Deck 8
* The balcony of cabins 8540 and forward on the starboard side and 8040 and forward will view part of the balcony on the deck below when looking down.
* All indented balconies (where the deck narrows) on this deck will look down on metal roof from deck 6 below extending by 8 to 10 feet. (This roof covers the lifeboats).
* Cabins 8662, 8664, 8666 and cabins 8162, 8164 and 8166 view is partially blocked by the structure of the ship or cleaning equipment. 8666 and 8166 are more enclosed by metal hull of ship and will have less railing space as a result and view from cabin partially blocked
* Cabins 8590 to 8600 are hump cabins (cabins where the deck widens) and have good views when looking down from the balcony and also looking side to side.
* Cabins near the Centrum may hear noise from that area.
* Balconies that face aft of ship tend to be warmer than other balconies during cold weather crusing.
* The cabins on this deck are above and below decks with only cabins on them. This means that they tend to have less noise issues from public areas on the ship.

The cruise line separates the different categories (Inside, Oceanview, Balcony) into subcategories. The only difference in the subcategories is usually location on the ship. The detail above shows subcategory color, category name, and subcategory name. For detailed information, mouse over a cabin on the deck plans and a pop up window will appear. You will find diagrams, pictures and information about that cabin category including square footage and features.

Royal Caribbean has the most complicted and most difficult to understand category coding of all the major cruise lines. Its complicated because some cabins can be classified many different ways, sometimes without rhymn or reason. In some cases they also use the same color to denote two different categories.

They use a number followed by letter to denote the type of cabin. Cabins are ranked from the lowest number first to the highest number and also from the lowest letter first to the highest letter. Therefore a category that begins with 1 is consider a better cabin choice than one that begins with 3. The type of cabin is defined by the letter that appears after the number.

Letter V defines a inside cabin. Letter T defines a promenade view stateroom. A Boardwalk view balcony uses the letters I,J.

Oceanview cabins are defined by letter N. Spacious oceanview cabins by the letter M. Panoramic oceanview cabins are defined with the letters P and L. Letter S defines a boardwalk view cabin.

Spacious balconies are defined by the letter B. Regular balcony cabins use the letter D.

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Jewel of the Seas Cruise Deck Plan Key
# Deck Symbols
Connecting staterooms symbol Connecting staterooms
Four pullman beds symbol Four pullman beds
Handicapped facilities symbol Handicapped facilities
Obstructed View symbol Obstructed View
Sleeps up to 3 symbol Sleeps up to 3
Sleeps up to 4 symbol Sleeps up to 4
Sofa and pullman bed symbol Sofa and pullman bed
Two pullman beds symbol Two pullman beds
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