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British pub serving British and International bottled beers, ciders and real ale. Also includes well-stocked wine menu and bar snacks. This venue has quizzes and live sports during the day. At night it hosts live entertainment, karaoke, quizzes and game shows.


Casino that offers the latest gaming technology.

Grand Atirum

Three story high central Atrium. This space will have entertainment through out the day. In the early evening you can even enjoy aerial circus performances.

Pearl Restaurant

One of four main dining restuarants that offers Freedom Dining. This allows guest to dine when and with who they like.

Glass House

Enjoy fine wine and great food at this premium wine bar.

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Iona Cruise Deck Plan Key
Balcony is partially shaded symbol

= Balcony is partially shaded

Connecting stateroom symbol

= Connecting stateroom

Double sofa bed symbol

= Double sofa bed

No balcony access at sea symbol

= No balcony access at sea

Overlooked by balconies above symbol

= Overlooked by balconies above

Shower only symbol

= Shower only

Single sofa and upper symbol

= Single sofa and upper

Single sofa bed symbol

= Single sofa bed

Steel fronted balcony symbol

= Steel fronted balcony

Two upper pullmans symbol

= Two upper pullmans

Upper pullman berth symbol

= Upper pullman berth

ship compass

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