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Suite B4
Suite B5
Deluxe Balcony GA
Deluxe Balcony GB
Deluxe Balcony GD
Deluxe Balcony GE
Balcony HA
Balcony HB
Balcony HD
Balcony HE
Interior PA
Interior PB
Interior PE

The cruise line seperates the different categories (Inside, Oceanview, Balcony) into subcategories. The only difference in the subcategories is usually location on the ship. The detail above shows subcategory color, category name, and subcategory name. For detailed information, mouse over a cabin on the deck plans and a pop up window will appear. You will find diagrams, pictures and information about that cabin category including square footage and features.

The following is a listing of all the cabins we have pictures or videos for on this deck for this ship and also on the sister ships. Click on any highlighted link to view pictures and/or videos (youtube for this cabin = video available). Links for cabins pictures are a membership feature and are limited on the public site

Cabin: F101 Ship: Britannia
Cabin: F102 Ship: Britannia
Cabin: F104 Ship: Britannia
Cabin: F111 Ship: Britannia youtube for this cabin
Cabin: F112 Ship: Britannia
Cabin: F114 Ship: Britannia
Cabin: F121 Ship: Britannia
Cabin: F125 Ship: Britannia
Cabin: F126 Ship: Britannia
Cabin: F130 Ship: Britannia
Cabin: F203 Ship: Britannia youtube for this cabin
Cabin: F205 Ship: Britannia
Cabin: F206 Ship: Britannia
Cabin: F208 Ship: Britannia
Cabin: F301 Ship: Britannia
Cabin: F404 Ship: Britannia
Cabin: F407 Ship: Britannia
Cabin: F408 Ship: Britannia
Cabin: F421 Ship: Britannia
Cabin: F505 Ship: Britannia youtube for this cabin
Cabin: F506 Ship: Britannia
Cabin: F523 Ship: Britannia youtube for this cabin
Cabin: F537 Ship: Britannia youtube for this cabin
Cabin: F609 Ship: Britannia youtube for this cabin
Cabin: F710 Ship: Britannia youtube for this cabin
Cabin: F721 Ship: Britannia youtube for this cabin
Cabin: F727 Ship: Britannia
Cabin: F731 Ship: Britannia youtube for this cabin

Click links below to view cabin categories details.

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Handicap Cabins on this deck



 Cabin F724 Balcony --



 Cabin F725 Balcony --

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Britannia Cruise Deck Plan Key
Balcony is partially shaded symbol

= Balcony is partially shaded

Double sofa bed symbol

= Double sofa bed

No balcony access at sea symbol

= No balcony access at sea

Overlooked by balconies above symbol

= Overlooked by balconies above

Shower only symbol

= Shower only

Single sofa and upper symbol

= Single sofa and upper

Single sofa bed symbol

= Single sofa bed

Steel fronted balcony symbol

= Steel fronted balcony

Two upper pullmans symbol

= Two upper pullmans

Upper pullman berth symbol

= Upper pullman berth

ship compass

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