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P&O Cruises AU has 3 ships in the fleet.

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Built: 2001

Tons: 108865

Cabins: 1316

Built: 2002

Tons: 108865

Cabins: 1298

Built: 1997

Tons: 77441

Cabins: 998

Click on a ship name from the P&O Cruises AU fleet above to go to the cruise ship deck plan page for that P&O Cruises AU cruise ship. You can click on column titles to sort list. PSR (Passenger Space Ratio) uses our own formula to determine the max number of passengers on the ship during peak sailing times and divides that by the total tons of the ship to determine the per passenger space ratio. Although not an exact science, the higher the ratio the more square footage per passenger. You can expect fewer passengers during non peak sailings.

Cruise Ships for P&O Cruises AU

Ships Class Built Length Passengers
(2 per cabin)
(Peak sailings)
Tons Crew Cabins PSR
Pacific Encounter Grand 2002 951 2596 3115 108865 1100 1298 35
Pacific Adventure Grand 2001 950 2632 3158 108865 1100 1316 34
Pacific Explorer Sun 1997 856 1996 2395 77441 924 998 32

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P&O Cruises AU has 3 ships in the fleet.

With three ships sailing from Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland to more destinations than ever before, P&O Cruises has become one of the fastest growing cruise companies in the world. As our fleet expands, so does the value of our cruise packages and level of on-board services. We now offer an amazing children's program, world-class entertainment and an enhanced five-star dining experience across the entire fleet.

P&O operates under the umbrella of Carnival Cruise Lines.

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P&O Cruises AU Capacity Trend:
Year # of Cabins Change %
2012 2,408
2013 2,408 0 0 %
2014 2,408 0 0 %
2015 3,668 1,260 52 %
2016 3,668 0 0 %
2017 4,666 998 27 %
2018 4,666 0 0 %
2019 3,199 -1,467 -31 %
2020 3,087 -112 -4 %
2021 4,385 1,298 42 %
2022 4,385 0 0 %
Total 1,977 82%
Watch growth and decline rates. Rapid growth may lead to quality and service issues.

The following is a listing of some of the special dining options that P&O Cruises AU offers. Use the key below to identify the restaurant name. You can click on a ship name to go to the deck plan page for that ship.

Angel Angelos Italian Restaurant
From the first bite to the last mouthful, the menu at Angelo's is Italian food done the right way. Think soul warming traditional dishes with a delicious modern twist. Surrounded by images of Latin legends captured by one of Italy's most famous photographers, Angelo Frontoni, the restaurant is the perfect setting to enjoy la dolce vita as you indulge in a meal to remember.

Dragon Dragon Lady Asian Restaurant
Immerse yourself in the intoxicating flavours of Asia. From steaming baskets of dumplings to sizzling plates of spicy stir-fry, Dragon Lady is bringing the heat. With a sultry mix of dark timbers and midnight blue tones, it boasts an intimate and mysterious setting. Be seduced by the exotic scents and spices of a menu inspired by Australians passion for Asian cuisine. Bursting with flavour, every mouthful promises a tantalising night in the Orient. Open every night for dinner, featuring a fixed menu giving guests the opportunity to enjoy a sensual feast of Chinese, Thai, Indian or Japanese.

The following is a listing of some of the features that P&O Cruises AU offers. You can click on a ship name to go to the deck plan page for that ship.

Ship Pools Hot Tubs Rock Wall Flow Rider Waterslide Waterpark Ropes Mini-Golf Outdoor Movies Observation Lounge
Pacific Adventure 4 8 -- -- -- -- -- Yes Yes Yes
Pacific Encounter ------------------
Pacific Explorer 4 5 -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes --

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