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We are looking for good photos!

We wrote up the following to help you know what we are looking for. If you have any questions, please let us know.

  • You should have a good digital camera and lens. Camera phones do not take the best pictures.
  • We are interested in pictures of all the public rooms (casino, dining rooms, buffet, pool area, spa, fitness center, etc...)
  • We will pay a flat fee of $200 for 400 pictures that we use of places around the ship. If you submit less than the 400 pictures, we will pay 50 cents for each picture we use.
  • If you take more than 400 pictures then each additional picture we use will be paid at 50 cents each.
  • We are looking for original size digital pictures. If you do reduce them in size, please reduce them to 1600px wide. Normal horizontal photos work better on our website as opposed to photos when camera is turned on side.
  • Wide shots are the best or pictures that show a wider view of the venue. Of course close ups are also good, but make sure you include wider angle of the areas so that people can get a good idea of the layout.
  • When taking pictures of venue, it is best to take pictures from the entrance into the room and then also from inside the room back to the entrance. Take 5 or more shots of each venue on the ship.
  • Make sure pictures have good lightning.
  • Try to take outside pictures (pools, deck areas) during daylight.
  • When taking pictures of the public areas, try to get name of venue (if available) in at least one shot.
  • Avoid pictures of food, or pictures that focus on people and not places. (We do not mind people in the pictures; we just do not want the pictures to focus on people).
  • We reserve the right to reject any picture.
  • You can also take pictures of staterooms. We will pay 50 cents for each of those we use. We will need the stateroom number in one of the pictures. If taking pictures of staterooms, start by taking picture of door with stateroom number visible.
  • We will make payment to your paypal account as soon as we process the pictures. (Allow one or two weeks after submitting). If you don't have a paypal account, it is easy to set up and you will receive instructions when we make payment.
  • By submitting your pictures you are giving us full rights for use of those pictures. You still retain all rights to your original pictures.

  • If the above sounds good to you, then please use the form below to sign up.

    Cruisedeckplans LLC

    123 Siliski Road

    Springfield, VT 05156

    Thank you for your interest in taking pictures for our website.

    why us ?

    You can find cruise ship deck plans all over the internet. But our deck plans are truly interactive. As you view them you can mouse over pictures, pop ups and category information.
    Only on our website will you find a feature that allows you to drag one deck over the other to see what is above and below your cabin. You can also use our easy to use cabin check tool to see what is above or below your cabin. It only takes 2 seconds.
    We use actual pictures and videos taken by every day cruisers to help show what the cabins and public areas look like. Plus we will pin those pictures to the exact spot on the cruise ship deck plans where the picture was taken.

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