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Why I love the Ruby Princess!

Why I love the Ruby Princess!
May 24th, 2013 3:52 pm     A+ | a-
Recently I sailed on the Ruby Princess.  You won't find a rope course, rock climbing walls, or water slides on this ship.  But what you will find are features that none of the large new cruise ships can match.
Broadway Style Shows:
Princess produces some of the best Broadway style shows at sea.  They have a dedicated training process that the performers go through to prepare for the shows, and the result is very talented singers and dancers.  While some of the newer ships have great shows, the Ruby offers passengers something that they can't.  The ability to go and see a show at anytime without needing a reservation.  The new ships have too many passengers to allow that kind of freedom.  So on a new ship you may have to make reservations ahead of time for the shows.  The Ruby Princess offers plenty of seating with clear views and each chair offers a pop up table for your drinks.  The theater bar staff now takes your drink orders electronically and the bar receives that order directly, meaning  your drink comes much faster. 
Five pools:
Unlike some other ships, there is no shortage of pool space on this ship.  The main pool area offers a large pool and two hot tubs.  It also offers plenty of space for loungers and something that you can't find on many of the newer ships - some quiet space.  There is no loud movie screen, only occasionally a live band that plays music you can relax to.  A nearby family size pool hosts the large movie screen from which you can enjoy blockbuster movies in the evening.  On the aft of the ship is a adult only pool that offers stunning views.   On the Sports deck the teens even have their own pool and hot tubs.
Still want more quiet?  Then try the sanctuary pool.  This walk in pool is open to all passengers, but because of its remote location it is seldom busy.  On our cruise, there were quite a few times I had this pool all to myself.  Tired of chair hogs?  For $20 a day you can rent a chair in the Sanctuary.  These chairs have thick comfortable cushions.  Plus the Sanctuary staff will deliver water and cater to your needs throughout the day.
The Piazza is the three story atrium in the middle of the ship.  It is nicely laid out and frequently will have entertainment events.  On each level of the Piazza you will find bars, shops, seating areas, and an internet cafe.  And only on Princess you will find The International Cafe.  Here you will find many made to order specialty coffees, fresh pastries, and even a hot egg, ham and cheese muffin for breakfast, yummy!  Through out the day enjoy light sandwiches, cookies and other food items.

Lounge with views at top of ship:

On top the ship is a Sky Lounge that acts as a dance club at night.  During the day it offers stunning views and a quiet place to sit and read.  On rainy days it also offers a great place to relax or to just enjoy the views.   This is the perfect lounge for an Alaska cruise.

Large Cabin Balconies:
While the new ships are shrinking the cabin sizes and designing balconies that are very narrow and small, the Ruby Princess cabins are spacious.  Ruby Princess offers some of the best balconies spaces at sea.  Our cabin balcony on the Caribe deck was huge with space for two chairs plus two lounge chairs.  It became a favorite spot to relax.

Specialty Restaurants:
The ship has several well designed specialty restaurants.  These restaurants are very roomy with plenty of tables.  Near the top of the ship is Sabatini's, an Italian restaurant.  On the Promenade deck is Crown Grill, a steakhouse.  

For the best options in dining times be sure to book these restaurants as soon as you board the ship.  These restaurants add to the three main dining rooms and the buffet.  But Princess also offers the Chef's Table and Ultimate Balcony Dining.  There is no shortage of dining options. 

A wrap around promenade deck:
The promenade deck on the Ruby isn't crowded with outdoor dining areas or hot tubs.  Instead it provides a nice place to get away from the crowds, to read a book, or to stroll around the ship.  You can even walk all the way up to the front bow of the ship and enjoy spectacular views off the front of the ship.  You can't do that on the newer ships.
The Ruby Princess and her sister ships offer many things to cruisers that you won't find on newer ships. If you are looking for a one of a kind cruising experience be sure to check out Princess Cruise Lines today.

Steve Millay, ACC

June 8th, 2013 10:18 pm
The Ruby Princess is much better than some of the newer ship. The NCL Breakaway is a disappointment. Small balconies, smoke filled atrium from the intrusive casino, crowded pools and buffet, small fitness center, small show lounge. NCL needs to look to Royal Caribbean to learn how to design large ships.
June 9th, 2013 5:17 pm
Yeah, the Ruby Princess is even better than the new Royal Princess. That ship has tiny balconies, fewer pools, not as much sun lounger spots (for more passengers), no wrap around promenade. It does have a nicer Piazza and larger sanctuary, but I am not sure the pros outweigh the cons.
June 20th, 2013 5:27 pm
I really think that CEO's are to blame for the lousy cruise ships designs in recent years. They are so money hungry (cram in as many passengers as they can) that they completely ruin the experience. On vacation I want to get away from the crowds. These mega ships are not the places I will vacation. I will stick to the smaller cruise ships until there are no smaller ships and then I will find something other than a cruise for vacations.
January 20th, 2014 2:01 pm
Thank you for the Ruby Princess review. We will be taking our first cruise with Princess this April for 10 days (2 five day cruises). We are so looking forward to traveling with Princess because of the good reviews and great prices. We have been on Royal, Celebrity and Carnival, so we will see which cruise line will become our favorite.
April 8th, 2014 4:48 pm
A nice review. "You won't find a rope course, rock climbing walls, or water slides on this ship." and I too am glad. I was on Ruby Princess a month ago, my 22nd cruise. It was nice to be on a ship that really felt like a ship, not a theme park. Loved strolling the Promenade and the outdoor dining at the aft of the ship was very enjoyable
May 19th, 2014 11:25 pm
The problem with mega ships is that they are too big for the designers to see all the flaws. Royal Caribbean gets it right, but their ships are ginormous monsters that are eternally doomed to stay in florida because no other ports can handle them. Ruby princess seems really nice. I'd like to go someday.

Also, nobody even notices the Disney ships. The Dream and Fantasy are the best ships I have ever been on.
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