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You can find cruise ship deck plans all over the internet. But our deck plans are truly interactive. As you view them you can mouse over pictures, pop ups and category information.
Only on our website will you find a feature that allows you to drag one deck over the other to see what is above and below your cabin. You can also use our easy to use cabin check tool to see what is above or below your cabin. It only takes 2 seconds.
We use actual pictures and videos taken by every day cruisers to help show what the cabins and public areas look like. Plus we will pin those pictures to the exact spot on the cruise ship deck plans where the picture was taken.


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Welcome to the Cruise Ship Deck Plan Database! For 21 years we have been known as the best cruise tool for picking cabins on cruise ships. We keep track of over 258,354 staterooms and we have actual videos and/or pictures for 52,190 of them. Our site is loaded with features. Start by choosing one of the cruise lines in the section below to choose a cruise ship and explore deck plans and stateroom information.

The Hidden Cost of Cruising

Many of the Cruise Lines charge a service fee on top of the cruise fare. Regardless of what the fee is used for, you will need to plan the following cost into the price of the cruise. The prices shown reflect the current service fee for a 7 day cruise for 2 people.

Cruise Line Standard Service Fee Premium Service Fee
Norwegian Cruise Line $280.00 $350.00
Oceania Cruises $252.00 $322.00
Celebrity Cruise Line $245.00 $294.00
Carnival Cruise Line $224.00 $252.00
Holland America Line $224.00 $245.00
Princess Cruises $224.00 $252.00
Royal Caribbean International $224.00 $259.00
Disney Cruise Line $203.00 $217.00
MSC Cruises $196.00 $196.00
Costa Cruise Line $168.00 $168.00
Windstar Cruises $168.00 $168.00
Cunard Cruise Line $161.00 $189.00

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How to pick a stateroom

Step 1: Decide what type of cabin you would like.

There are four main types (categories) of cabins:

Inside cabins:
These cabins are usually the lowest price. Typically they will have twin beds that convert to a queen size, a private bath with a shower, a closet for hanging clothes, a dresser and a television. These cabins do not have a window to let natural light in. To help give the occupants an impression of having a view, some inside cabins have a virtual view. That means there is a large screen that displays outside views. Expect to pay $100 to $200 a night for an inside cabin.

Exception: Carnival has several cabins which are classified as inside cabins but actually have a french glass door which allows light into the room (no balcony, but the door can be opened). Carnival also has some cabins that have a window, but because the window has an obstructed view (that means there is a railing or object in the way) it is listed as an inside cabin. Royal Caribbean has some cabins that have a window but look out over an inside promenade area. These are called "promenade staterooms".

Oceanview cabins:
These cabins are like inside cabins but usually have a port hole or window. A window is much more desirable than a porthole because the porthole can be difficult to look through. Windows will vary in size and some cabins will even have full floor to ceiling windows. Most window sizes for oceanview cabins are about 4 feet by 3 feet.  Be sure to read the cabin description carefully to determine if there is a different type of window. Windows can not be opened.  Expect to pay $150 to $250 a night for an oceanview.

Balcony cabins:
These cabins are better, and more expensive, than oceanview cabins because they typically have full glass sliding doors that lead to a balcony. The balcony allows fresh air and light into the cabin and also may have additional chairs or loungers. Balconies tend to be separated by dividers which give some sense of privacy, but be aware that most balconies are not fully private and can be viewed from above or by the cabin next to you.  Balconies on new Norwegian Cruise Line ships and Princess Cruise Line ships tend to be smaller and more narrow than balconies on other ships.  We will list balcony size in the cabin description.  Carnival offers what is called a "Cove Balcony" on some of their ships.  These balconies are very popular because they sit lower on the ship (closer to the water line).  Expect to pay $200 to $400 a night for an balcony cabin.

A suite is a premium cabin on a cruise ship. It is usually much larger than a balcony and includes more perks. Suites typically have a full bath tub, large shower, larger closets, larger balcony, larger TV, and butler services. Expect to pay $400 to over $1,000 a night for a suite.

Step 2: Decide where you would like the cabin located.

Cabins are priced based on location on the ship. Typically cabins on lower decks are less expensive. Typically cabins midship (in the middle part of a deck) cost higher. Balcony and Suite cabins on the very aft of the ship can also be more expensive than other cabins.

In order to set the pricing many cruise lines will divide each cabin type into sub categories. For example a balcony cabin may be divided into sub categories such as B1, B2, B3, B4. In most cases the cabin size and features in a sub category is the exactly the same. The only difference is usually the location of the cabin on the ship. Please look for the notes on the category descriptions to determine if there is a difference in size or features between the subcategories.

Exception: Royal Caribbean and other cruise lines will also use sub categories to distinquish between how many occupants the cabin will sleep. Therefore a cabin that can sleep up to 4 people will be a different sub category from a cabin that sleeps only 2 people.

You can also use our drag deck feature to determine if your cabin is in a good location. Cabins are best located when they are next to, above or below other cabins. As a rule of thumb avoid booking a cabin under a public area or kitchen.  If you are looking for a balcony cabin, please be aware that on many ships the cabins that are below the pool deck may also be shaded by a roof overhang from the deck above.  You can also use our drag deck feature to determine if there is a overhang.

We are one of the largest cruise ship deck plans websites in the world. We have over 234 ocean cruise ships in our database. For each ship we show the most current cruise ship deck plan. We also show you each cabin type for that ship. Within each cabin type we provide detail diagrams, pictures, features, square footage and more. We also list each handicap cabin and the deck it is on.

And there is still more. Click on each deck and roll over any cabin. A pop up window will appear showing you the cabin category and diagram along with square footage. On each deck you will also see picture icons that you can scroll over to see actual cruise ship pictures of that spot on the ship.

Still want more? We have it. Click on the drag deck plan link to view all the decks on one page. You can then drag a deck on top of another deck and see what is above or below that deck. We have a link to ship pictures and other ship information. We list all the main features for each ship including a listing of features NOT on that ship. This helps to make researching cruise ships so easy and so fun!

We know that you do not want to scroll up and down a very long page or to go from page to page to find the information you are looking for. That is why our deck plan page is TRULY INTERACTIVE. We give you power at your finger tips to find the information you are looking for. It is all available from one page and usually just a click away.

We hope you enjoy!

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