Ruby Princess

Ruby Princess deck plan profile

Built 2008  Years old  12  Passengers 3060- 3672 Cabins 1530  Space Ratio 31  Tons 113561 Speed 27.0  Length 951  Beam 159  Crew 1200
Last Drydock: Oct 2018

Symbols and color key:

Suite Staterooms:
  S2     S3     S4     S5     S6  
Family Suite Staterooms:
Mini-Suite Staterooms:
  M1     MB     MD     ME  
Balcony Staterooms:
  B1     B2     B4     BA     BB     BC     BD     BE  
Oceanview Staterooms:
  OB     OC     OE     OF     OV     OW     OY     OZ  
Interior Staterooms:
  IA     IB     IC     ID     IE     IF  

Interconnecting staterooms
Third and fourth Pullman beds
Third Pullman bed available
Two lower beds not convertible
Wheelchair accessible
Will accommodate a rollaway
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